Children become millionaires, in case the fortune is benevolent.


Saif did 300 dirham’s shopping and won 10 million dirham’s prize.

DUBAI: voices luck might change without being late, when the Almighty power is merciful and swift in contract one, rather this kind of incident was taken place in Dubai when 7-years old boy was been millionaire in moments.

Consequently to an Arab’s website, the annual shopping festival which is held in Dubai is the centre of the world eyes’. During this festival all the shopping malls of state strived to attract people’s attention by distributing different gifts and cash prizes, inside “the Dubai Shopping Mall” this offer was put, according to which on purchasing of 300 dirham means 8 thousands and three hundreds Pakistani rupees and or more than this though, people will win bumper prize of 10 million dirham’s which will be seventy six lac Pakistani rupees by lucky draw.

Like all people who were coming in the mall to judge their luck, a boy was also come with this hope in a mall who is just 7-years old that he might be achieve any prize by lucky draw, but destiny was wanted else, and the boy was won the bumper prize of 10 million bumper prize, it was stated by the shopping mall management that so many people were won this prize but Saif is the one who is younger than all of them.