Chimpanzee and gibbon are eager to drink wine, Research.


LONDON: It was predicted by a new research that just human are not at all eager of wine while gibbon and chimpanzee are also eager wine. It was stated by Royal Society Open Science Magazine that in the West African country of Guinea chimpanzee and his first research on the animals, namely Rafay palm, trees found in the drinking of intoxicating drink while female chimpanzee substance found most curious of alcohol.

It was stated in research that it was come in front by observation that Gibbon long drink and drink and drink as much as a bottle of wine after clearly showed its effects. Chimpanzee the groups were found in the leaves of the tree suck. According to a research team headed by Dr. Kimberley then 85 ml of alcohol drunk nearly a bottle of wine is equal.

It was said by him that cleared effects are seen of alcohol on chimpanzees some of these professionals were intoxicated when drinking. It was said by Catherine Hobart Professor of Saint Andrews University that more comprehensive research on the behavior would be wonderful whatever the results of research it is clear that even after 60 years of research Chimpanzee we are constantly surprised.