China announced the latest spacecraft to reach the moon


China National Space Agency, China National Space Administration (CNSA) is at the same time he announced the latest spacecraft to transport astronauts to the moon.

According to the Chinese state news agency, the NSAK senior engineer Zheng Bunyan said the new spacecraft would resemble the American Aurain space, but he declined to give further details of the project.

Although China has sent men into space, but too late to have an amount spent to advance their program. In 2003, China sent its first astronaut into orbit (taikonaut).Last year China sent 22 rockets in the space that is equal to the record. Then in 2016 China sent its second space station and now the CNSA has developed a plan to send a new space telescope, and the third a space station by 2020.

International Analysis of cars due to the extraordinary interest in China’s moon has launched a number of projects. Next year, the Chinese space agency wheeled robot (Rover) will be sent to the moon and distant parts that will gather useful information about the moon.