China announced to support Afghan reconciliation process.


BEIJING: It was said by Chinese Ministry of Foreign that in Afghan reconciliation, large based for and comprehensive security China is willing to play a constructive role.

China’s government news agency Xinhua wrote in regarding of Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Chunying that the recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan concerns arising in the context of China while Afghanistan and the Afghan leadership will continue to consistently support the reconciliation process.

It was said by spokesperson that the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban to encourage and assist fire by China and also heartily appreciated to those countries which are being worked together in this regard of finishing terrorism while China is extremely appreciates to Pakistan.

It was further said by him that China is hoped that People engaged in peace talks will stick to it while also promote confidence and will also continue their efforts to reform in Afghanistan.

It is cleared that Afghan peace process dead in Pakistan’s second round was to commenced on 7th of July, 2015 in which the Afghan government, the Taliban, Pakistan, the United States and was to be attended by representatives of China.