China has banned in contract with online treatment and diagnosis.


BEIJING: In China online treatment and diagnosis have banned, in future except registered organizations and hospital no one hospital can do treatments, diagnosis and prescribe medications through websites, consequently to foreign media China’s national health and family planning commission’s spokesperson Soong’s announced the band and stated that in the country online treatment and prescribing medication is being enhanced day ins and day outs rapidly, these waves of system is not at all in any corner, rather these are being widened all over the country, and the facilitators of online treatment organizations and hospitals are not at all able to believe, and also they do not look after patients carefully and correctly.

Because of these fake clinics, hospitals and organizations quantity of patients are not being decreased, however it is being increased rapidly with high ratio, which is the worst sign of counties down fall, that’s why except registered organizations and hospital non any hospital will be do online treatment, diagnosis and prescribe medication to patients they have strictly banned for these acts, it is cleared that The Internet in all walks of life in China ‘s involvement is inevitable, However, through online shopping fraud , illegal activities such as gambling and drug sales remain a headache for the Chinese government.