China has begun to teach manners of living to dogs.


China is usually presented as an example of economical growth an example of that is the result of their discipline and now they have started to teach their manners to their animals too. In China not just the trainee police dogs to root out crime weapon, explosives and drugs, there is tamed for help in finding them is treated with strict organization and discipline.

The police training of dogs to eat the pot mouth down to wait their turn. It was voiced by Police that a Chinese woman and her pet dog specially trained to teach dining etiquette are exactly the same as humans. Chinese woman sitting not only pet dog waiting for food to finish my meal in a row, but are also thanked to the local traditions.

It is remembered that China is usually denoted as an example of that is the fruits of their discipline. The dog always known as its loyalty because it is the most kept pet in all over the world especially for security purposes.