Chinese man sold his daughter to buy IPhone


BEIJING: In China, 19 years old man sold his 18-day old baby in order to buy IPhone but luckily, he was jailed for three years.

As per report of the Chinese newspaper ‘People’s Daily Online’, the man resident of Fujian Province, South Eastern China, ‘A Duan’ sold his daughter for buying a Motor Bike and IPhone.

A Duan gave advertisement on the social media website ‘Q Q’ for selling his daughter in 23,000 Yuan (roughly £2500) means Pakistani (3,70,000) rupees.

According to the Media Reports, the age of 18-day old baby’s mother name is ‘Xiao Mei’, she is also 19 years old.

It is said in regards of A Duan that he spent most of the time in internet cafes. Rather, Xiao Mei does many part-time jobs.

According to the report, 18-day old baby was bought by an anonymous person. He bought the baby for his sister.

The both 19 years old baby’s parent cannot nourish her because they were not financially stable. That’s why the baby is still with the buyer’s sister.

According to the Mother of the baby, my sponsor was also someone else. It is common in our hometown to give children to others for nourishing. But it did not know that it is illegal.

According to the ‘Epoch Times’, Xiao Mei has sentenced for two and a half years.

It is clear that A Duan and Xiao Mei gotten married in 2013. At that time, they were only 16 years old. Rather, according to the Chinese Law, for getting married boy must be 22 and girl must be 20 years old. They got married at a young age so their marriage was not registered. Rather, both have been separated after selling the daughter of them.

According to the Media, about 2 Lac children are kidnapped in China, those children are openly sold online. Many measures were taken over by the Chinese authorities. But still could not overcome the problem.

It is clear that it is horrified incident that Chinese man sold his daughter to buy IPhone.