Chinese two disable and blind friends planted more than 10 thousand plant.


BEIJIENG: River banks in China’s arid 2 e is chosen such friends, one of whom 10 thousand trees lost both arms and a vision. 2 these courageous friends of China in the last 13 years in his village in the province hybayy improve the environment and eliminate pollution of the fleet is made up, Armless from the age of 53 and Jia Jia blind friend is 54 years old the arms of his friend empty sleeve caught the edge of the lake is.

Hasaka the arms of his friend Wingai empty sleeve caught the edge of the lake and takes her back to her friend on the other side of the board helps Krakow and his friend riding on her back to the other side helps Krakow. Wingai 3 years old when he lost his arms when he was severely electrocuted while working in a mine in 2000 Hasaka accident was blind.

It was said by Wingai that arid and hard at planting was not just ordinary people but everything is possible in case we determined in the same spirit is shown disabled. This person is called Hasaka climbed on tree each day from 2002 and Crystals for the growth of trees Breaks while Wingai waters the plants with the help of his feet because new plants can grow and every year they grow 800 trees.

In this context they both receive assistance out of sight the government handed over to other disabled people when they are still 12 thousand trees. It is cleared that these two third of China’s most polluted shahi jiwang village is located near the village hence they also want to be decontaminated.