Cisco Certified Network Associate:


CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an Information Technology certification from Cisco which certifies the knowledge of establishing, maintaining and troubleshooting any network. Routers, Switches, Firewalls, and Servers are backend devices which consist of the network.

CCNA certified person knows how to manage and maintain all these backend devices.

There are various CCNA short courses available in Cisco network. All short courses of CCNA are valuable but Some CCNA short courses are highly in demand nowadays.

CCNA Routing and Switching, Security and Cloud Computing are the best and in-demand certifications of CCNA.

Best CCNA short courses:

  1. CCNA Routing and Switching:

In an IT network, CCNA routing and switching is the first step. It is the heart of networking. Mostly peoples are recommended to take this course because without it nobody can alive in the IT industry. This certification makes you master in networking.

CCNA Routing and Switching certified knows how to establish, configure, operate, manage and troubleshoot routed and switched networks.

Routers and switches are both computer network devices that are used to connect one or more computers, network devices or other networks. Both are used for network communication. Switches work on 2nd layer of OSI model and routers work 3rd layer of the OSI model. Functions of Switch and Router are:


Switch connect one or more devices in a local area network. It is used to move data within a local area network. To identify the network devices, the switch uses Mac addresses or physical addresses. It works on the data link layer of the OSI model. Switches are connected to the router that allows accessing the internet.


The router is used to connect one local area network to one or more local area networks. The router uses IP addresses to identify network devices. A router sends the data packets between different computer networks. It works on the network layer of the OSI model.

  1. CCNA Security:

After routing and switching, Security is the best and valuable certification of CCNA. It is an associate-level certification.  After developing a network, you need the security of your network. Security is the number one and best skill that every organization needs. Companies also offer high pay to experts.

With CCNA Security certification, a person can develop a security infrastructure, recognize the risks and threats and minimize these security threats. CCNA security certifies also know how to install, troubleshoot the issues and monitor the network to make confidential data secure and easily handle all network security tasks by scaling, analyzing and monitoring the network.

  1. CCNA Data Center:

Datacenter certification gives you the skills to install a system or network, design, configure and maintain data center network and technologies. This certification helps you to develop data center infrastructure, networking-based data center, virtualized networks, and storage networking. After this certification, a person can develop a flexible data center infrastructure.

Nowadays, data centers moved on virtualized networks and it provides a flexible network.

This course is also highly in demand because CCNA certified learn how to increase the value of the data center network.

They can maintain all data center devices and processes. Datacenter certification also helps to identify the errors and solve these errors in data center network. Datacenter certified must know routers, switches, server, and other devices.