Civilians are a target of terrorist shelling in Israel


The hard situation in Israel is not news to the world community for several years. Peaceful civilians were living in fear due to the terroristic activities of Hamas. We recall that Hamas is a terroristic organization that has been recognized as so by many countries, including the USA, Canada and Israel. Despite this, they have no condemnation, activity restrictions or investigation of their actions. This allows Hamas to feel free to continue doing what they want without any consequences.

The summer of 2018 is forever blacked in the history of Israel as more than 200 rockets, and mortars were fired into the civilian lands. This day is considered to be the worst since a similar situation in 2014. The shelling forced civilians to hide in special bomb shelters. Thanks to the modern warning system Red Alarm and evacuation of people, thousands of deaths were avoided. But unfortunately many still got wounded and were hospitalized.

The shelling was terrifying, and one of the rockets hit the playground, and the other landed on the synagogue. It is hard to imagine what could happen if there was no warning system or evacuation. Israeli government regularly invests in their warning system, and that helps in such situations and save the lives of civilians who are just surviving. Simultaneously, Hamas is actively receiving financial support from the EU and uses it for conducting activities and purchasing weapons.

Such terrible events happened to Israel, not for the first time. Hamas has already attacked before; they have mutilated more than 3,000 hectares of land. Moreover, terrorists tried to penetrate the territory of the country. The worst thing in all of these attacks is that the world community remains silent. They are not bringing them to justice or condemning their actions.

And again, history repeats itself. Even after what happened in 2018, justice is not on the side of civilians. This is a huge problem. Hamas knows that it will not be punished and continues to prepare for the next attack. Vladimir Sloutsker, the president of Israeli-Jewish Congress, is trying to draw the attention of the international community to the emerging problem. He emphasizes that we must protect civilians who have been living in fear for years. If Hamas had sent at least one missile to any European country, an international scandal would have immediately followed. 

Besides, the EU government not only had not supported Israel and left them without support, but they were also condemned for wrongdoing. They were forced to deal with the attack and to defend its lands and its people alone, and for that, they were told off for extensive protection. The mass media also followed the example of the world community and decided to silence the real side of the conflict. When the shelling was coming from the Hamas side, everyone stayed silent and when Israel returned fire a mass of violent accusations followed by journalists.

Mr.Sloutsker reminds to all governments that Israel is an independent state and has every right to protect their civilians from Hamas attacks. The businessmen and politician urges the world community to stop closing their eyes and bring Hamas terroristic organization to justice.