Complete Guide to Prepare and Pass Microsoft AZ-900 Exam. How Can Exam Dumps Help You?


To introduce you to the topic, for years Microsoft has organized Azure certification exams. However, the credentials were only meant for technical IT professionals until recently the corporation pulled the plug on this arrangement. So, specialists with non-technical background, including managers and salespeople, can now sit the new AZ-900 test to demonstrate their understanding of Azure fundamentals.

The Exam-labs broader picture is that the corporation has created a new line of credentials not so long ago, in order to comply with advanced tech requirements in the IT field. Consequently, the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals badge represents part of this newly designed qualifying track. Moreover, it is the result of succeeding in AZ-900 test.

Now, this guide contains vital information on the Microsoft AZ-900 assessment, along with its pricing, structure, and preparatory strategies, including using exam dumps.

What Skills Does Microsoft AZ-900 Exam Validate?

This test is thus for candidates seeking to prove own foundational knowledge of cloud services, covering the ways those services are offered using Microsoft Azure. It is suitable for newbies in the technical area, like individuals that engaged in sales or purchasing cloud-based services and solutions. And, equally, it is designed for users who are well-versed in cloud features and services, as well.

Let’s move on now and discover that though you’re not required to have solid technical IT experience to sit for AZ-900 exam, some general related knowledge would be helpful. So, this exam is available in four languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, and Japanese, most importantly, with no retirement date.

More specifically, the Microsoft AZ-900 test measures contenders’ comprehension of the following Azure features:

  • Cloud concepts
  • Core Azure services
  • Security, privacy, trust, and compliance
  • Azure support and pricing

Ultimately, you can sit for this exam to prepare for further tests on Microsoft Azure or Microsoft cloud services. Also, contenders can pass this AZ-900 test to be supplied with additional expertise towards acquiring more proficient badges in Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Cloud services.

How Much Does Exam Cost?

Well, the price of AZ-900 depends on the country where the assessment is taken. Besides, it’s possible to get conduct of a pricing check-up before starting your preparation as you may be eligible for a fee reduction by falling under any of these categories: Microsoft Partner Network program member, Microsoft Imagine Academy program member, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and, most importantly, a student.

Structure of AZ-900 Exam

Like the majority of Microsoft assessments, AZ-900 comprises of 40–60 questions, which you are expected to answer in 1 hour. It may consist of various question formats that are not extensively disclosed by Microsoft, but the general items’ types are short-answer, repeated answer choices, case study, build list, hot area, active screen, review screen, best answer, and more.

What Happens If You Cancel or Reschedule Exam?

According to the Microsoft exam cancellation policy statement, there won’t be any charge for canceling or rescheduling an appointment at least six working days before the exam date. However, candidates need to pay a nominal fee if their cancellation or rescheduling happens within five working days.

However, if you fail to cancel or reschedule the appointment a day (24 hours) before the test, or couldn’t show up for the exam at all, your inaction will forfeit the full exam fee.

Ways to Prepare for AZ-900 Exam

To start thetest preparation, candidates are free to use any of the following strategies, or perhaps, enjoy all of them!

  1. Microsoft Free Online Course

First of all, don’t pass by the vendor-offered sources like this free 12-module learning path. Its goal is getting AZ-900 applicants to master all the core exam’s concepts. The duration of the program is 9 hours and 59 minutes, and so, be thus pleased to begin from here!

  1. Instructor-Led Course

Well, let’s move further and take a chance to enroll in this AZ-900T01-A learning path for beginners. It is 1 day-long, having no preliminary conditions course, teaching exam contesters basic cloud computing notions and general cloud models, like Public, Private and Hybrid cloud, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and more.

  1. Exam Dumps

After extensive learning, you should delve into practice, and so, get to know about such a great assistant like the Exam-Labs excellent website! There you find authoritative exam dumps containing real exam questions, in addition to accurate and verified answers within the AZ-900 Premium package. Moreover, this bundle contains 21 lectures inside a training course and an extensive study guide.

Besides the above premium files, you can try free exam dumps uploaded by recent exam takers to get prowess in the test. Using resources on this practical platform will enable you to get familiar with the exam structure and revise essential concepts, which AZ-900 focuses on.

Also, remember that to download any dump, candidates should install the Avanset-proctored VCE Exam Simulator and benefit from this optimal handy tool!

  1. Study Groups and Forums

You can interact with fellow candidates preparing for the exam in AZ-900 study group on the Microsoft Learning portal and so, enhance own expertise on concepts covered in the test.

  1. Official Practice Exams

Lastly, make the conclusive step in own exam readiness and study with the official AZ-900 practice exam offered by the vendor.


Wrapping up, as a beginner or an experienced consumer of differentAzure services, you should be now well-advised and hence, armed with the information and tips from this guide.

It means that you shouldn’t hesitate and take your Microsoft AZ-900 exam with comfort and no stress. More to add, feel free to appreciate Exam-Labs’ solid exam dumps and make your first step in IT with Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals!