Concerned about the arrival of terrorists from Pakistan not Daesh. Indian Prime Minister’s rant.


MUMBAI: It was claimed by Indian Interior Minister Rajnath Singh that India has joined with the America and United Arab Emirates against Pakistan and now they are also being called that Pakistan stop to send terrorists in contract with land of India.

It was further said by India Interior Minister when he was being addressed on the topic of internal security and development that Daesh is not a big challenge for us when know to deal with present pose.

We have concern on the arrival of terrorists from Pakistan. Before few years Ajmal Kasab was arrested now further two terrorists were arrested who came from Pakistan.

Pakistan always says that roots of terrorism are not existed on its land while these are anywhere else but now it has been cleared that he alleged that Pakistan does not want to make pleasant relations with India that’s why it has continued ceasefire violations.

India has been succeeded to join America and United Arab Emirates diplomatically and now America and United Arab Emirates are also said to Pakistan that they prevent terrorist activities.