Creating Your Own Baby Hamper


If you’ve been looking for gifts for a friend’s baby shower, you should have some idea of how difficult the whole process can be. Should you get something fun and interesting, or something functional that you know the parents will use? You might be pleasantly surprised to hear that there’s an easy solution that combines both of these things: a baby hamper! But even then, finding the right baby hamper can be a pain in its own way, particularly when they contain things you know the parents won’t want or need. For this reason, creating your own hamper is absolutely the way to go – read on to learn a little bit about how you can do it.

Putting on your thinking hat

Finding baby hampers in Australia can be a lot of trouble, particularly with all the great options out there (and the hefty prices attached), so there’s no reason at all why you can’t create your own. One of the most fun things about making a baby hamper at home is the individuality and creativity you can impact on the baby hamper to better reflect your friend or family member. A great first step – particularly if you still have no idea about what to put inside the hamper itself – is to decide on a colour scheme. The colour scheme you choose might reflect the gender of the baby, or if you know the parents well, it could incorporate a colour that they love that might be a spin on the traditional gender colours. Pink and blue are so overdone, after all – think instead about a lovely lilac or a beautiful mint green. The basket may very well come next, but there are likely more options out there than you might think. In terms of materials, you can consider things like bamboo, wicker and rattan and then pick a style to match.

Decorating and filling your hamper

Now that you’ve figured out your colour scheme and basket, you can start decorating and filling! For decoration, you can use things like coloured ribbon, a card, gift tags and cellophane, plus you’ll also need to line the basket itself with tissue paper as well (which is great for presentation). When it comes to filling the hamper, there’s a very good chance you’ll quickly become overwhelmed with options. If you want to cover all bases and are stuck for options, it’s a good idea to include something for the baby and something to make mum’s life easier. Something for baby could be something as easy as a teddy bear or a rattle, but you might also want to include some baby clothes or a bib. Mum is bound to like the inclusion of baby powder, teething gel, lotion and bathing products as these things are bound to get used and won’t get relegated to a dusty cupboard for years to come, unlike some poorly thought out baby hampers.

Arranging all your hamper goods

With all of your bits and bobs sorted, now’s the time to arrange everything! If you’re having trouble making your hamper look super presentable, it’s never a bad idea to look at a few tutorial videos on the internet or ask some friends. If this is the first hamper you’re making, don’t fret – soon enough you’ll be a baby hamper expert!