Cristiano Ronaldo gifted an island to Agent Mendes on his wedding.


MADRID: Portugal billionaire soccer star gave an island in Greece to his agent Jorge Mendes on his wedding according to initial report which cost is in millions.

The BBC said through a Spanish website that Ronaldo knew very well from that island because he was spent his vacation there.

Mendes was married in Portugal on Sunday. Former Manchester United Manager and started to work for Ronaldo since 2003. He was being played on forward position in Portugal team.

He was included in the best players. He stayed with the Old Trafford club until 2009. Ronaldo has won “Ballon d’Or” footballer of the year award.

On the occasion of wedding Ronaldo was immense closer to agent Mendes while he was addressing the audience so he praised a lot to agent Mendes.

He is 49 years old and the most successful agent of the football world. It is remembered that betimes a dozen island of Greece are for sale.

Private Island online website has imposed an island cost 30 million euro. This lavish wedding ceremony was held in a very affluent area of Porto.