Cristiano Ronaldo set a new precedent of Human Services.


The most famous soccer player Real Madrid Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in all over the world who is also known as the famous footballer of Portugal once again has set a new precedent of human services.

A few days before the match against Real Madrid striker Granada, to show solidarity with Syrian refugees in Europe, hold a hand of a Syrian boy Zayed and landed in the ground with him.

In fact, at the beginning of this month, Syrian refugees in Europe any Bin Laden and his son a journalist of Ukraine had dropped them while treating them worst due to which he fell down together with child.

Expect it she was also tried do fall down a Syrian baby by hers leg when she was being captured footage. The footage surfaced after the global protest over the incident was been enough.

This lady of Ukraine after pardoning terminated out of sight her job. The protest was done globally on this incident there a Spain Club Real Madrid was expressed solidarity with all the refugees of Syria.

On this occasion this family was considered as special guests in the match against Granada.

When match was started so the child was landed on ground with Real Madrid Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo whom he likes a lot and this act was really appreciated by fans.

The father of that child was also gotten job in a club of Spain and also gotten residency there and very soon his all family will be transferred to Spain.