Daesh has been declared sin to migration towards Europe.


BEIRUT: Extremist group Daesh threatened badly to Syrian citizens who are being migrated to Europe and other countries and also called their migration a big sin.

According to Arab TV in the online journal which was published in English Child’s body found off the coast of Turkey, Syrian refugees in an article with the photo has been warned that they do not leave country even otherwise their end will also be like drowned Aylan which was immense terrific.

It is cleared that due to war in Syria millions of people are being imposed for the migration.

To being refugee in other countries immigrants several boats have been sank in to the sea and several people have been lost their precious lives.

While it is remembered that the collapse of an innocent child was received along with the coast of sea who was being migrated together with his family but unfortunately boat of them was sank into the water and only his collapse were sent to coast by the sea however in all over the world protest was done for the little angle and also social media raised in regarding of his painful story.