Daesh is preparing to attack on America, Director CIA


WASHINGTON: John O Brennan the Director of the US Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warned that Daesh is preparing to attack on America. According to John O Brennan, last year attack in France was due to the intelligence failure. A man was a resident of the France from attackers and he trained in Syria. After completion of training, Daesh terrorists returned to France. But nobody could be known it and then they attacked at 6 different places and killed 130 innocent people.

According to Director CIA, Daesh thinks that America does not know their secret plan of attack on Washington. But we know that such risks are present, we also have this perception that how Daesh got its goals in the past. Daesh is using the latest methods of the present to get its goal. In these methods, they use people individually in crime because in this way they are able to leave the security cordon.

According to John O Brennan, Daesh is preparing to attack on America and it would surely attack. Daesh is trying to clash between the West and Muslim countries through provocation for its popularity. We have also such kind of reports that chemical weapons may use by them. CIA believes that Daesh has the ability to scale chlorine and other chemical weapons. They have the power to smuggle weapons to the West. We must close such routes through which such dangerous things smuggle.

According to the Director of CIA, Cyber Technology is the biggest risk for us and that’s why we have to take some necessary actions. But cyber crime is one of thing that disturbs my peaceful nights.