Dario Item meets Prince Albert II of Monaco


On 28 February, the ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda, Dario Item, presentedhiscredentials to Prince Albert II of Monaco. A veryimportant meeting for the diplomatic career of Dario Item and the otherthree new ambassadorswelcomedat the Palace of the Princes of Monaco aswell.

Before the official meeting with Albert II, Dario Item was received in the Courtyard of Honour by the Prince’s Carabinieri in theirofficialwinteruniform. Then, the meeting with the Prince took place inside the palace.

Asusual, the ceremonywasheld with the handing over of the letters of credence to Prince Albert II. Dario Item wasthusable to formalizehisacceptanceas head of mission of the state of Antigua and Barbuda in the Principality of Monaco.

At the end of the accreditationceremony, Dario Item and Albert II of Monaco undertook a brief and cordial private conversationthatsymbolicallyinitiatedbilateral relations between the two countries.

At the end of the meeting, Ambassador Dario Item, aswellas the three new heads of mission, returned to the Monegasque headquarters of the Embassy of Antigua and Barbuda, inauguratinghisdiplomatic activity in the Principality of Monaco.

Albert II and the Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is a city-state in the south of France (with which, precisely, itborders). Monte Carlo isits best-knowndistrict, sometimeserroneouslynamed to refer to the entire city.

Monaco hasbeen a constitutionalmonarchysince 1911. Ithas a parliament, composed of 24 memberselected by universalsuffrage; a reigning prince (Albert II) whoexercises legislative power along with the National Council; and a government which, assisted by the GoverningCouncil, holds executive power.

Alberto II, son of Ranieri III and actress Grace Kelly, took office in 2005. He succeededhisfather Ranieri, whodied after 56 years of reign.

He isparticularlyinvolved in the promotion of environmental and humanitarianprograms, supporting groups and associationsat national and international level. He activelypromotesorganizationssuchas WWF and UNICEF.

A couple of curiosities: he hasparticipated in severaleditions of the Winter Olympic Games as a member of the monegasquebobsleigh team. Everyyear, italsoorganises a football tournament in which the mostimportantcircus companies in Europeparticipate. It takes place duringthe days of the traditional Circus Festival.