Deadly air strike on wedding ceremony in Yemen.


SANA: In the city of Yemen on the occasion of wedding ceremony resulted 27 people were killed including 8 children and women while several were injured.

According to foreign news agency in the Yemen’s South Western city an allied air strike attacked which resulted 27 people were killed including 8 women and children rather several were injured.

Another side it was said by the local administration that 27 people have been lost their precious lives in the air strike and other several people are intensively injured due to which the quantity of dead people may be enhanced.

It is cleared that Saudi forces led air strikes on Houthi rebel positions in Yemen in March are being while according to UN (United Nations) in the air strikes till now approximately four thousand five hundred people have been killed in the past six months while two thousand two hundred were intruded in civilians.

It was stated by the rebel-controlled Saba news agency. “This is new tactics to massacre innocent people committed by Saudi regime in contra with people of Yemen”.