December 28, 2014, Mumbia, It was narrated by the Bollywood’s actress, Bipasha Basu that “Alone” her intruding movie is not at all only assert horror but, indicate the commotion of married couple relation.


The movie is being emancipated on 16th January, 2015. The status of the movie has been completed,

The star casts of the movie are Bipasha Basu was appeared on two characters as Anjaana and Sanjana, karan Singh Grover as Kabir and Zakir Hussain.

The movie was directed by Bushan Patel, Cinematography by Prakash Kutty and Howard Rosemever and Ahmed Khan are the choreographers, and presented by Panorama studios.

Ultimately “Alone” is love story with passions, not only a horror movie inspect to me, realistic love story is marked through all the characters, everyone who is in any relation or have been married and near to it will shaky along this. It is connoted many aspects of relationships, So the movie is not at all considered as sexy. It has enormous depth, She is subsequent narrated in an interview that It is the remake of thai’s 2007 the similar name’s film, She will be appeared in a twin roles in like manner she sets a conjoined twin. The hard time were been seasonably shooting.

both are the twins, but set off out of sight each other the one has been died and the another is a lived both have been fell in love with Kabir. While she had double characters the shooting prevail immense difficult. Kabir is a very active, talented person has a lot of potential, looks great, dance very well, His strength is his emotional scenes, He sat off easily in the film we made.

Hence asked by Bipasha Basu how will she think to work with new comer, She voiced, he is not newcomer, has been working in industry last 10 years, he has immense followers and he is really popular. Bipasha basu, who has incomparable incipient to make horror movies alike, Creature 3D, Aatma, Raaz 3D, and Raaz, in 13 years-greater her career.

She has nay idea that how many films have been offered to her of similar genre.