Diabetes treatment is possible by reducing weight


LONDON: Diabetes treatment is possible by reducing weight. According to British Health Experts’ research, generally diabetes is considered incurable disease, but by reducing your weight, you will be able to get rid from this incurable disease. In British Castle University, research was done on this disease. So it can know that what are basic causes of diabetes and what is way to finish it.

In a new British medical research, claim came in front that millions of people suffer from Diabetes II worldwide, sheer by reducing weight, you can be able to get rid from this incurable disease. In accordance with report, disease is caused by the deposition of fat in the pancreas and in case of reducing just a gram of fat, so you will be able to maintain insulin level as well as eliminate this disease. also visit Prohealthdaily

It was told in report that diabetes may cause loss of vision, paralysis, kidneys failure and loss of limbs. Experts for the cause of diabetes and reducing of it, tested 18 people who were 25 to 65 years old and given limited food to them. During this period, the patient’s weight decreased by an average of 14 kg.

As a result of, accumulated fat in the pancreas was 0.6 gram decreased and pancreas got help to create normal level of insulin, after which medical experts said that for further investigation, in the two years, 200 people will need to be tested. For which efforts are being made. However, preliminary research has revealed that in case you lose your weight, so the treatment of diabetes is possible.