Different Types of Garage Doors


 Due to a vast advancement in technology, many people can choose a suitable garage door for their homes accordingly to their convenience. There is a broad variety of different colours, styles and designs of garage doors for them to choose. However, it is relatively important to make a note of all your requirements before you want a garage door style. Is it lightweight or cumbersome? Is it reasonably quiet or makes quite a lot of noise? Is it safe to get a particular type installed in your house? Not just in terms of money, but it is also important to mark all the pros and cons of a product or service you are about to spend your money on beforehand, so you do not face disappointment and trouble later. Following are three of the most common garage doors that the majority of the people use.

  1. Sectional Garage Door

This type is also known as panel garage door since it gets built with 4 panels at the very least. Sectional panel lift doors are mostly used in residential properties as people find it durable, easy to install, and due to all the colours, it is available. When the garage door opens, the panels roll up over the other panel section by section. These panels come in many shapes allowing you to choose any design that fits you best.

  1. Roller Garage Door

Roller doors are also a one-piece design for garage doors. This type usually requires more headroom inside the garage because when it rolls up vertically, it settles at the door opening. A very good option, although roller door repairs and servicing maybe required if the door is exposed to the elements. It is known to be very cost-effective; this type is for people who require something neat, reliable and composed. Interestingly enough, roller doors can also get built insulated to keep your house warming during colder months, unlike other garage doors.

  1. Tilt Garage Door

As it goes by the name, this door opens as it tilts halfway upwards and then settles half outside the garage door and half inside. Usually very helpful if your garage does not have much space from the top. This type of entry uses either the T-type lifting hardware or J-type lifting hardware making it easier for people with older homes who have less headroom space in their garages. Since this type of garage door is a one-piece panel door, it is vastly available in different materials such as plywood, copper, aluminium etc. If a motor added to this type, it becomes convenient to use and customise with whatever you like.

Why Are Roller Shutters Used?

Roller shutters provide exceptional comfort and convenience when you want to keep your house, vehicle, shop etc. secure against the burglars, lousy weather, cold or rain. Roller shutters are horizontal hinged bars that roll up and down as an outer cover of a garage door, window, etc. Since these bars get made of metal, aluminium, and steel, they get mostly used for protection and security purposes.

Types of Roller Shutters:

There are many types of Roller shutters, each used to fulfil a different purpose. For example, fire rated roller shutter are used to resist flammable things both inside and outside the screen, etc. However, there are two types of roller shutters, used for either industrial purposes or commercial purposes.

Industrial Roller Shutters:

Industrial Roller shutters are mostly used for shopping malls or significant industrial areas to keep all the industries secure. These roller shutters are locked and chained and designed with such a quality that it is difficult for anyone to break in or trespass.

Commercial Roller Shutters:

Commercial Roller shutters have the same properties of the industrial roller shutters, but they are also built very effectively with a material that will not get rusted or affected in any way by the weather. Many shops in commercial areas use this type of roller shutters to keep their shops protected from the cold and vandalism.