Do You Want to Ride Treadmill Bicycle before You Want to Know About Treadmill Bicycle


A company of the Netherlands has found the Trade Cycle Sam like this that now you can also work while walking on the treadmill.

This is not just fat and calories to consume a treadmill but is also unique rides like an electric bicycle, but in fact it is a cycle which is mounted on the treadmill belt.

Even when the battery power it needs to start running once but also energy from the movement of the rider’s feet and thus is moving towards its destination orbit Hiking.

However, compared to walking speed is quite high and it may determine the distance of 25 kilometers an hour the main purpose of it is to facilitate those who are very busy and finding time to walk away for a walk or jog, to whom it is very difficult.

Thanks to the bicycle, treadmill, they can also go to work place during the trade although it is very expensive and its price in the Netherlands is 995 thousand euros (approximately 2 million and 25 thousand Pakistani rupees). But get this trade in 2014 was the first time a limited number of bicycle the company received so many orders that he was forced to start production on a large scale soon.

This exciting ride the Netherlands have been increasingly popular in other European countries and the Company plans to the establishment of production units in other countries. Moreover, given the popularity of this cycle, the company has launched its regular sales in the US.

It is currently not available at a store, but it can only be bought online from the company’s website.