Do you want to travel in a car without driving?


Do you want to change your normal car to without driver a car?

If you live in Dubai, it is not a difficult task now.

According to the Gulf Times reports, Dubai automation slash company Acacus has offered a common car to convert a non-driver car into extremely suitable rates.

The company says that a car can be converted into a non-driver car in less than 10 thousand dollars (about 10 lakhs Pakistani rupees).

Power steering cars

The managing director of the company, Talal Bin Haleem, said that any commonly used cars could be converted into an unmanned car, but his company is giving priority to changing electronic breakings and power steering cars.

This company is initially starting with Toyota pre-S, CA civil and other built-in electronic systems.

Company also presented the first car

The company also presented the first car for the exhibition in the Gitex Technology festival, which has been converted from a normal car to an auto car. This company is also providing services to Jordan, America, Germany, Italy, and Serbia before it.

Can safe from accident

This car will keep you safe from the accident because it has also been censored by which you can easily safeguard because, before the collision with any body, the car will stop automatically due to the sensor.

And you can easily rest in the car, means if you are tired of driving a car, you can leave steering any fear, and you can use the mobile phone and can read the newspaper and what you want.