Does Fluoride Varnish Help With Sensitivity


Tooth sensitivity is the pain or discomfort that happens when you consume certain foods or when your teeth are exposed to a different condition. A perfect example is when you are consuming hot or cold beverages. You might feel some slight pain in your teeth. This is what is referred to as sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity usually occurs as a result of a worn-out enamel. This may leave your roots exposed, subjecting you to sharp pain. Fluoride varnish treatment is the most popular remedy for such a condition because of the role fluoride plays in strengthening the enamel. Those who are yet to experience such conditions should also undergo regular checkups to lower the chances of it to happen at any given moment.

You can go for a deep cleaning procedure to get rid of the plaque and bacteria that weaken the enamel. It is a practice that involves the use of special materials and products like prophy paste to get rid of tartar and bacteria on your teeth. Tooth sensitivity can make it difficult for you to consume certain meals because of the pain you are experiencing. You will also have a difficult time talking to other people in some instances. The pain that comes with such a condition will leave you moody. You need to take swift measures immediately you experience such a condition. The symptoms are apparent, so you should not hesitate to seek medication immediately. What you need to understand is that pain as a result of sensitivity can be felt on one tooth or even more.

How Fluoride Varnish Helps With Sensitivity

The use of fluoride varnish proves to be one of the ideal methods of dealing with tooth sensitivity. The following are ways fluoride varnish can help deal with such a condition. 

Strengthening the Enamel

Fluoride is a mineral known for its ability to strengthen the teeth. It links up with phosphate and calcium found in your teeth to make them stronger. Fluoride varnish is the ideal product for such a treatment because it has higher concentrations of the mineral. It is different from other oral care products that contain minimal amounts of the mineral. Fluoride varnish treatment, which is usually carried out once in a while will leave your enamel stronger, lowering the chances of experiencing tooth sensitivity. It also helps in getting rid of the acid that weakens the enamel.

Prevents Cavities

Cavities have also been linked to tooth sensitivity in some people. These are the cracks or holes that form on your teeth as a result of wearing out of the enamel. They may expose your roots, and this will bring about pain when consuming hot or cold foods. Fluoride varnish is the best remedy as it helps to get rid of the acid that destroys your teeth, leading to cavities. You will experience no sensitivity at all when you use this product. Wonderful Dental has the best fluoride varnish you can use to prevent cavities and deal with tooth sensitivity.

Eliminate Bacteria

Bacteria on your teeth can result in tooth decay and weaken your enamel. This brings about sensitivity. Bacteria break down sugars from the food you eat to produce acid that may destroy your teeth. Fluoride varnish is known for its ability to prevent bacteria inhibition on your teeth. Using it will reduce the chances of experiencing tooth sensitivity at any given moment.  

Gum Inflammation Treatment 

Gum inflammation is another known cause of sensitivity. This is because your roots are usually exposed. You may feel some deep, sharp pain taking hot or cold foods when your roots are exposed. Fluoride varnish helps in managing gum inflammation by preventing bacteria that may result in such a condition. The chances of experiencing tooth sensitivity will be minimal as a result.

You should follow the right procedures of application if you are using fluoride varnish for the first time. Having it done by a dentist or medical professional is the best option. Fluoride varnish should also be applied in the right concentrations. The nature of sensitivity you are experiencing will help you understand the right strength of fluoride varnish to use. You can also seek advice from your dentist who will help you identify the correct amount by examining your teeth. Applying fluoride varnish with injured mouth or gums can also bring about severe pain. The chances of experiencing neurological disorders and irritation once the product comes into contact with your body are very high. Make sure you follow the right application procedures to get the best results.

Tooth Sensitivity Triggers

There are several things that can trigger the sharp pain you always experience when consuming cold foods. Here are some of them.

Aggressive Brushing

How you brush your teeth every day may bring about sensitivity. Those who brush with so much force or energy are highly likely to experience this. Avoid using too much power when you are brushing your teeth. The kind of toothbrush you are using could also be a contributing factor. Hard-bristled toothbrushes can result in the wearing out of your enamel. You are likely to experience sensitivity as a result. Look for the right toothbrush that will keep your teeth safe from such.

Acidic Foods

Consuming foods that have high acid content can also expose you to sensitivity. They cannot destroy your teeth, but you are likely to experience some pain if your nerves are exposed. Examples of these foods include citric fruits, grapes, and tomato sauce. You should avoid them completely if you don’t want to experience such pain.

Plaque Buildup

Plaque is a hard, sticky substance that is usually yellow in appearance and forms at the base of one’s teeth. Getting rid of it through brushing is generally difficult. Plaque harbors bacteria that are responsible for weakening the enamel. The chances of experiencing sensitivity are usually high when you have plaque buildup. They can be removed through scaling, a procedure that is usually carried out by a dentist.  

Tooth Sensitivity Remedies

We have seen how fluoride varnish treatment can help in getting rid of tooth sensitivity. There are several other procedures that can be helpful when it comes to the treatment of such a condition. Here are other remedies you can try out to deal with sensitivity. 

Dental Fillings

It is a dental procedure that is usually meant to fill the gaps or cracks on your teeth. Cavities leave your roots exposed, and this is what brings about sensitivity. You will always experience a deep, sharp pain when consuming different types of meals. Dental fillings can help cover the gaps to leave you in the perfect state. The chances of experiencing sensitivity are minimal as a result. You should look for an expert who will carry out the procedure correctly.

Root Canal Treatment

It is another ideal remedy that will help you deal with tooth sensitivity. Receding gums can expose some of your roots, and you are likely to experience sensitivity when consuming certain types of food. In this type of treatment, your dentist will help cover the exposed roots reducing the chances of experiencing pain or sensitivity when consuming certain types of food.

Use Special Toothpaste

There are certain kinds of toothpaste, and other dental care products meant to curb tooth sensitivity. They have different ingredients in them which might be helpful to the condition you are experiencing. You should make good use of them to improve your situation. Seek advice from dentists or other medical experts who will recommend you some of the best. Most of them are appropriately labeled, so you will have an easy time identifying the kind of remedy they offer. Using a softer toothbrush may also prove to be effective in improving your condition. Look for something gentle on your gums and teeth.