Spending your vacation in California can be full of memories with famous locations such as San Francisco, a popular tourist destination. Nonetheless, Monterey is also a city with lots of thrills for the adventurer willing to explore a land of sprawling splendor.

Nothing is better than basking in the dusty sights of Salinas Valley or having a nice seafood dinner down by the coast. Whatever it is that floats your boat, these are the best things to do while in this magical county.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

San Francisco Bay is not the only centerpiece in California. There is the Monterey Bay Aquarium that pulls an astonishing 2 million visitors annually. This world-class aquatic facility overlooks the waterfront, which is one of the most breathtaking coastlines in California.

The aquarium is home to a wide variety of wildlife including otters and dolphins. Since it was established 34 years ago, it has become a policy and research center for the advancement of long-term sustainable seafood farming. It’s also an excellent place to let the kids roam free after being cooped in one of the excellent Monterey hotels nearby.

Cannery Row

No visit to Monterey is complete without stopping by Cannery Row which was once-upon-a-time a busy district pack full with blue-collar workers and a glut of whorehouses. The modern Cannery Row is a beehive of activities with lots of places to savor the art of wine tasting.

There is also the opportunity to try the best clam chowder at the Fisherman’s Grotto, washing it down with delicious beer from the Cannery Row Brewing company. Of course, we will not forget to mention that there are more than 70 beers to choose from.


Monterey is dotted with beautiful golf courses, but there is none as stunning as the Pebble Beach Golf Link. This boasts one of the most iconic seaside golf courses across the globe. However, you’d have to stay at the Pebble Beach Lodge to have access to its golf facilities.

Admittedly, at $900 per night, that can be quite costly for the average vacationer. Alternatively, you can book a stay at one of the cheap Monterey hotels available, readily hitting the road to discover other more affordable golf facilities in the county.

Wine Tasting

California is famously reputed as the wine country, and Monterey is famous for its grapes. Vineyards abound in this beautiful city with lots of private wineries offering bucolic tasting facilities to enjoy Pinot and Chardonnay brands all across the Salinas River through to the Santa Lucia wine fields.

Some of the wines to enjoy in this area include Hahn Family Wines, as well as the Smith Family Wines. You wouldn’t dare to miss this!

Go Hiking brethren!

Monterey County is one of the ideal places to enjoy breathtaking sceneries. There is no place better than the Big Sur for this. Other hiking terrains that stand out in the county include Bluff Trail Loop around the Andrew Molera State Park which tests your endurance. There is also the epic trek down Mcway Waterfall which gives you a stunning drop view of the incredibly beautiful beach.

Conclusively, there is a deluge of places to visit and things to do at Monterey. Albeit, be assured you can never go wrong with the activities listed above.