Don’t drink the milk after eating the fish?


It is said that the milk should not drink after eating fish otherwise white stains on the face and the health worsens. How accurate is that?

In fact, there are three possible possibilities of anything in the Middle East: cold, warm and moderate. The effectiveness of milk is cold while the effect of the fish is hot. That is why cold and warm effects of both the wisdom and Ayurvedic method of treatment, both appear together, which can form various forms of allergies and fever, apart from the white spot on the skin. That is why traditionally the fish is forbidden to eat milk, yogurt, cheese etc. before eating or after.


What says scientist about this white spot on the skin?

As far as modern scientific research is concerned, no certified scientific study has yet proved that there is a bad impact on the body drink milk before or after eating fish. Rather, there are many nutrients available, which include fish, yogurt, and milk at once and were found useful for the heart as well. In the light of this fact, drinking milk after eating fish seems to be unprofessional.

It may also due to digestive process

However, if we talk about the nutrition and the digestive process, then it will be known that both fish and milk are both protein-rich foods that have to work together with our system’s digestion. This means that in order to digest both the foods, our stomach has to be removed two-way dams simultaneously. Consequently, it is difficult to digest the fish and the milk together.

Its first effect can be on our system diet, whereas the natural system of the immune system can be the second target of negative effects.But till now, it was not supported by any scientific research. Some people think that after eating a specific fish (or earlier), the effects of spots or allergies appear on the skin immediately after eating. This point is still valid.