DSLR Vs Camcorder For Vlogging


Vlogging has become the most effective medium for communicate with the desired audience and on the desires theme or topic, usually the trending ones! Vlogging is also considered the advanced technique or version of blogging by some, and as research out there have already shown favourable and higher engagement rate via visual medium.

As per the global researches the visual medium has the better impact rates and the audience grasps it quickly and it stays for a longer time without any doubt. Everyone is attracted towards Vlogging and the fame comes with it, and becoming vloggers even while recording vlogs via smartphones.

But when you reach a certain level and people start following you, you are not allowed to compromise with your vlog video quality and for that it is very important to have the best video recorder and audio, video recording skills as well as the content quality of course are the other aspects of effective Vlogging.

DSLR and Camcorder both have seen the immense advancement and skillset all thanks to our beloved technology! But when you have decided you be a vlogger and have chosen the path to be out there – communicating your views visually and create and curate digital content you need to put in a lot of research while deciding for the best suitable video recorder for you.

With the vast availability of variant and so much technology advancement it must be very confusing and difficult to choose the best vlogging camera to record for your Vlogs effectively, but be worry free as we are here to help you out to provide you a clear cut view by eradicating all your confusions.

Let’s talk about the most effective Vlogging video recorder in between DSLR and Camcorder:

Vlog recording via DSLR camera:

DSLR were invented for the sole purpose of capturing impeccable photographs but with the technology advancement the DSLR latest version also comes with the ability to capture the video, though you need to be very cautious about the manual setting as the auto mode does not provide that effective or favourable outcomes such as auto focus or colour balancing.

Go for a DSLR if you are willing to go for good photographs as well for your Vlogging content. If you will go for a higher range DSLR camera its video outcomes in high quality (720p or 1080p) will overrule the video for your vlog recorded by a camcorder evidently – but all of it depends on your budget. So a DSLR is all rounder option if you want both just go for it

Some features:

1. Focus:

For good enough focus of you Vlogging videos you need to get a highly advanced and latest version of the DSLR camera, which also means going towards the higher costing. A budget DSLR camera will only give you excellent image quality but if you want the same quality for the videos just be ready to lose your pockets a little bit.

2.  Filters:

DSLR does not come with the inbuilt filters to expose the video in sunlight or bright conditions and in such cases you have to get a kit of neutral density filter to get favourable video outcomes. Though it will give you best results in low lighting conditions.

3.  Microphone:

Though it is suggested to go for an external mic to record the audio for the video but in case you are planning to use the inbuilt microphone the DSLR camera will disappoint you.

4. Recording time span:

DSLR cameras do not provide much time span when it comes to recording a video even if you go for a highly advanced version, the maximum time span is nearly 30 minutes.

Vlog recording via Camcorder:

Camcorder also known as mirror less cameras are a good choice when the sole purpose is recording decent quality videos. Camcorders are usually more dense and light weight in comparison to a DSLR camera. Even in the decent price range you can capture genuine video for your vlogs.

Its lenses are highly compatible for video recording while you need to check for this in the case of a DSLR camera. If you are a pro at manual setting good for you, otherwise even auto mode can provide you good focus as well colour balancing, especially in bright light conditions.  While low lighting results will not be much effective due to smaller sensors – which is the case with most of the camcorders out there, otherwise you can look for the larger sensor options.

Some features:

1. Focus:

You need not to worry much about the focus even in auto mode as the sole purpose of a camcorder is to capture videos, and its shutter speed works accordingly. Of course far better auto focus than a DSLR. Though with the innovation the difference is not that much, also depends on the budget and model you are opting for. Professionals believe in having full control over the focus as it is a key element of any video, so gear up for manual setting as well for even better results.

 2.  Filters:

No need to go for an external filter kit as it comes with the inbuilt neutral density filters which provide the best results in the bright light or sunlight conditions. Whereas in the low light conditions you will have to put in some extra efforts to create favourable lighting scenario.

3.  Microphone:

Even if you do not want to go for an external microphone which provides the best audio quality, a camcorder has the decent inbuilt mic to provide you with the good quality of audio, of course, better than in comparison to a DSLR.

4.  Recording time span:

As they are designed for video – the recording time span is far better than a DSLR camera which usually goes from an hour to beyond as per the chosen model.

So here are a few points for you to choose from a DSLR or Camcorder for your vlog.