During the Journey of Aero plane out of sight Jordan to America new guest was introduced.


Sometimes are like it, when the human beings listen it, they are been really surprised. In like manner in an aero plane which was being gone hence Jordan to America, a women gave a birth to a child during journey in sky.

American Dream Airline left for New York after sometime a complain was aroused by a pregnant lady who is belonged to Jordan, whom the doctors of the airplane took her to a separate place and betimes when plane was upon Atlantic ocean, the lady gave a birth to a child.

It was stated by the doctor that the weight of the baby was more than 6 pounds, while the birth was been commonly during the birth not at all any complexity was noted.

When the plane was landed after a long duration of 11 hours on John F Canadian airport so the quantity of the passengers inside it increased one by new birth, consequently to the airport’s spokespersons mother and daughter have transferred to hospital safely, where doctors narrated that both child and her mother are fine.