E.C.T shower channel drain


Showers are the essential part of every home which contains water to be used and then drained into the sewer system. Shower drainage is much important to keep the floor safe and else the leakage in the shower system will rot the floor. Today’s showers are made in many different styles, sizes, and shapes. Among these shower drains, the linear shower drains are very popular due to the unique features and safety of the floors.

Shower Drain

A typical shower drain has several parts that finally connect with the drain line or the waste vent. The shower pan is the most important part of any shower drain as it contains a waterproof membrane to seal the shower floor. If it leaks, it will destroy your floor and cause you inconvenience to replace or repair your shower drain system.

While designing your shower system, make sure you buy the best shower drain system as it should be a lifelong construction. Any leakage in the drain system will destroy the design and material of your shower system. It is also hard to know the leakage before it is too late and you’d only come to know the leakage when the symptoms begin to appear in the floor or the walls. So it is a better idea to keep checking the leakage. To check if your shower system leakage, you should remove the show drain screen and plug the drain with an expandable plug. Now, fill the shower with water up to 1 inch and wait a few minutes to see if the water level goes down. If you see the wetness showing up beneath the shower you should immediately call the nearest plumber to repair or replace it.

Linear Shower Drain

A linear shower drain is a rectangular fashioned streamlined drain which is much longer than the traditional shower drains and has become very popular due to its ability to drain wastewater into a single exit port quickly and efficiently. Linear shower drains are popular not only because of advanced drainage capabilities but also the design is attractive and decorative.

Many large manufacturer brands of drain system industry offer linear shower drain options which can be molded to the preferred design of your shower. These systems are not only hidden but also prevent clogs or overflow so you don’t have to worry about looking at these systems once these are installed in your bathroom.

E.C.T Distribution Ltd. is the leading name in the industry that provides wet room solutions in the UK. E.C.T shower channel drain is the best option to say your worries of wet bathroom goodbye forever as we offer a 5-year warranty of our products so you may focus on your daily life without having to worry about your drainage system. The E.C.T Distribution Ltd. has a large variety of linear shower drain systems that include linear stainless steel wall shower drain, with grate and 500mm flange, stainless steel square floor gully 150×150 with side outlet ksb-150 and tile insert linear shower drains with 500mm flange. All of these systems have outstanding modern look and are also easy to install.