Easy ways to get rid of dizzy and nausea


NEW YORK: There are some easy ways to get rid of dizzy and nausea. Many people sit in a bus, car or wander around swings and become a victim of nausea and dizzy but you can get rid of it, through these some valuable tips. According to Doctors, when the human mind, inner and outer part of ears cannot feel alike movements or then inner part of ear know your movement but your eyes look inside part of vehicles so eye message to the brain that you are static. Such is the contradiction between the eye and the ear causing nausea and dizzy.

Use of Ginger: According to the Medical Expert, the easiest solution to this problem is ginger. For which eat some ginger before an hour of traveling. Nausea will come off during the journey.

Finger pressure or Rust Band: During the journey ‘Motion Sickness’ patients may tie the band around their wrist which puts pressure on the inside of the wrist. Nausea will come off by it. Many of the researches done in America have declared this method very effective.

Apply scopolamine: Apply scopolamine before few hours of the journey on the back of ear. It prepares by different herbals while the existing chemicals from it also stop nausea and dizziness and its effect lasts 72 hours.

Allergy treatment drugs: According to Doctors, Anti-allergy medications, the use of Dramamine and Benadryl drug provide comfort in disease. However, it may sleepy.

In addition, the infected persons use continuously some light crackers and carbonated water during the journey. Through which stomach will be normal. Always try to sit in front seat of the car and do not look backward during the journey.