Education is one of the highest priority, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.


It was said by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday that except the presence of several challenges education is included in one of the highest priority.

Government sector and 4 percent of GDP in 2018, intends to spend. Oslo ‘ Development Education’ Speaking at a summit it was said by him that during the past decade Pakistan has faced many economic problems in which earthquakes, floods, terrorism and migration of people are comprehended.

It was further said by Prime Minister of Pakistan that while in 2005 by earthquake thousands of schools were destroyed, by floods about 9088 school buildings were destroyed 5790 schools were used as shelters.

It was further said by Nawaz Sharif that Pakistan has spent millions for the constructions of schools however for restoration of affected people further billions are required. It was said by him when he was talking on terrorism that tor those caught in conflict must not members access to education.

The tribal areas of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism while temporarily displaced persons continued to provide for education. It was at last said by prime Minister that education is a provincial matter in Pakistan despite the federal government’s role in education is promoted across the country.