Cryo Cancer Treatment through Micro Coil


Cryotherapy, also called cryosurgery or cryoablation, is a treatment that uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy the affected tissue, including cancer cells and stimulates healing. Cryotherapy, which can also be called cryoablation, and the term “Cryosurgery” can be best used for cryotherapy performed using an open, surgical approach. The treatment can be used in treating different types of pre-cancerous and cancerous conditions. There’s a crucial role played by the micro-coil winding in the process of cryo cancer treatment. 


The Application of Heating Process in Cryo Cancer Treatment:


Micro coils can be made of any of the materials like steel, aluminium, tungsten or gold and are called the non-copper coils as they do not create any magnetic induction, unlike the copper coils. Non-copper (steel only) is used as a heater in the process. The coil wire in the medical coil winding is not inaccessible. It is a coil made of metal thread which is exposed and also known as the hitter coil. The thread will only be isolated if the coil operates as an inductive coil.


Tubes made of steel are wrapped around the heaters. Gas is pumped into these tubes which creates a 40mm bubble of frozen area inside the body. The frosty temperature leads to a large amount of heat transfer from the cancerous tumour freezing it and gradually thawing it out. This process leads to the destruction of the targeted cells, which are slowly absorbed by the body. This treatment is known as a cryo cancer treatment.



The practice of using micro coils as a heater for cryo cancer treatment:


The process of cryo cancer treatment includes freezing an element twice. Here we can take an example from everyday life. What if we freeze a piece of meat and then defrost it, but rather than using it we put it back to freeze again? If we do this, we will try not to consume this meat because we know the fact that when we freeze something twice, its tissues die and the thing decays. 


This same method is used in curing the cancerous tumour. In this procedure also it is required to freeze the cancerous tissue twice and defrost it in between. The heater plays an important role here in the whole process. The micro-coil is wrapped around the tube and heated up to a specific temperature, and it helps in defrosting everything. When the coil is heated up to a certain temperature the needle is removed because when we touch the cancerous tumor and exit the needles from the body the metastases on the healthy cells can fall and further spread. So when the coil is burning hot and sealing the present blood vessels, the procedure is complete. The process of sterilization should also be done with utmost care later to avoid any further danger of falling metastases.