Electricity Production and Its Ways.



The rapid motion of electrons or flow of electric charge is described as Electricity through conductors such as copper, iron etc. The existence of an electric charge, that may be either positive (+) or negative (-), makes an electric field. The electric current is made by a large number of electric charges and produces a magnetic field. While this is supposedly a different phenomenon from magnetism, by the Maxwell developed his  Maxwell’s equations, both phenomena are considered a single phenomenon, electromagnetism. Electricity, it is the form of energy that can be transferred from one place to another through conductors. when electric energy is gathered in one place, it is called Static energy. Electricity concern with several phenomena, including electric discharges, electric heating, lightning, static electricity, etc. Modern technologies are based upon electricity, electricity is consumed as electric power to get energized electronic devices or equipment.

Types Of Electricity:

Basically, there are two types of electricity.

  • Static Electricity.
  • Current Electricity.

Static electricity:

Electric charges are built upon the surface of materials. It is a common electric phenomenon in which charged particles moves from one place to another body. For example, It is usually generated by rubbing two materials, especially if the insulators are rubbed together, the objects get equal and opposite charges and develops an attractive force between them. One object that drops its electrons becomes positively charged, and another object becomes negatively charged. The force of attraction remains between the charges of opposite sign.

Materials are made of atoms that are normally electrically neutral because they contain equal numbers of positive charges (protons in their nuclei) and negative charges (electrons in “shells” surrounding the nucleus). The phenomenon of static electricity requires a separation of positive and negative charges. When two materials are in contact, electrons may move from one material to the other, which leaves an excess of positive charge on one material, and an equal negative charge on the other. When the materials are separated they retain this charge imbalance.

Current Electricity:

Current electricity is the rate of flowing electrons through a conductor. By movement of electrons, electrical energy is carried from one point to another and they are measured in amperes. Current electricity is like a river. when you think about the river, a river is like current. A river flows from one point to another, and flowing speed of river is like voltage. the current is a measurement of the amount of energy which is transferred over a time period. That energy is known as the flow of electrons. A lightning bolt is one of the best examples of electric current, though it is not long-lasting. Because of the flow of current, an electric stove is burned .from air condition to television

There are miscellaneous sources of current electricity can be collected by a home generator, in the simple generator the coil copper turn about the inside magnetic field, a chemical reaction taking place in a battery.

There are two main types of electric current. Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC). You can understand them. Direct current is like the energy you take from a battery. Alternating current is like the Electric port on the wall. The huge difference between them is that DC is a flow of energy while AC can turn on and turn off. AC reverses the destination of the electrons.

Electricity Production:

Wind Power

Electricity can be collected by wind turbines which are placed in a wide farm (wind turbine farm). When wind turbine spin through wind or air then electricity is produced its shape like a big table fan. wind turbines are connected to the electric power transmission network. At the seaside wind turbine is the cheapest source to produce electricity.The conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy. Wind turbines are made in a huge range of vertical and horizontal types.

Solar power

Electricity can also be produced by solar energy.For this purpose we need Photovoltaic(PV) technology this is a conversion of solar energy into electrical energy directly this conversion is made possible through the solar panel.A solar panel consists of small PV cells.When sunlight touched the solar panel, solar panel converts the sunlight and its heat into electrical energy through connecting wires to the power supply or storage.

Coal power

Coal power is the second largest method to collect electricity in the whole world. For generating Electricity vast thermal power plants are established. Steam coal, it is also recognized as thermal coal and used in the thermal power station. This is the conversion of heat into mechanical and then into electrical. during this process coal is burned more quickly in thermal power plant, by the coal heat water becomes boiled and stored in the condenser with a high pressure,and  through the high pressure, turbine wheel get started to spin .and then electricity is generated, and this generated electricity is transformed into high voltage(up to 390,000 volts) for economical use. By large grids stations, electricity reaches to us. when it comes to our homes, this is transformed by step down transformer to 100-250 voltage.

Hydroelectric power

Electricity is generated by the potential of moving water through the hydro turbine which is placed at rivers, below the natural waterfall etc, the Power of moving water spin hydro turbine to electricity. In the entire world, this process is mostly used for the generation of electricity. most of the countries use this method to produce electricity.

Electric charge

it is the physical characteristic of matter. There are two types of electric charges positive and negative. Two electrons push each other as two proton push, then electron-proton create an electric field, that gives the exertion of a force known as Coulomb force. which emits the radiation to outward in all directions.

History Of Electricity:

Benjamin Franklin organized a research on electricity in the 18th century, electricity was a wonderful thing In the late 19th Century. Benjamin Franklin first gained world impossible for his experiments with electricity, he was the first who stored the sky electricity (lightning bolt) in a jar. he and his son fly a kite during a thunderstorm, and kite was joined with a leyden jar through a thin wire .and when the sky lightning stroked the kite, sky electricity became stored in the jar .this incident make him enable to understand the nature of lightning and electricity franklin  took interest in electricity when most of the peoples was unknown on this topic,and he also introduced the lightnig rods to protect houses and buildings and ships  by shy lightning (bolt).later on in the 1870s an American scientist built a first electricity generating plant in new York .later on micheal Farady’s discovered the foundation of electric motor technology.