Eminent Features of 5th Class Education System



5th class education system in Pakistan is getting better day after day. The idea of this fact we can grab from the fact that in 2018 there are more than 80% students pass by PEC Grade 5 Examination. Now, Punjab Examination Commission 5th Class Result 2019 is going to be announced for which every students who appeared is waiting impatiently. All those students who are looking for 5th class PEC result are to be informed that the result will be announced on March 31st, 2019. A good result is the reward of the good education system. Punjab is on the way to promote the education system with possible efforts and for this purpose the organization which is playing a core role is Punjab Examination Commission PEC. Punjab Examination Commission is actually an examination board that was established in 2006 to examine the grade 5th and 8th. Right from its establishment it is not missing a single moment to promote the education system. This examination board covers the whole area of Punjab and surroundings in taking examination process and following are the eminent features of 5th class education system:

Eminent Features of 5th class education system

As we discussed in the above lines that a good result is reward of the good education. So, here we are going to discuss about the things that make education system good and due to which a good result come to see.

Good Quality Education –Punjab Examination Commission PEC is providing good quality of education and for maintaining this feature it is taking the possible valuable steps. The students of 5th class are entertained with free courses and free education and above all they are provided with good quality teachers. Under these circumstances our students getting a good environment which is delivering a good impression in our students to seek education.

Examination –Right from the establishment of PEC the students of 5th class standard appeared for the Board examination which is, somehow, strict and secure as compared to other examination systems from private sector. Board Examination system by PEC allows the 5th class students to appear at the strange place amongst the non-familiar staff through which students go through a strict and secure pattern of examination which is the best thing to know about the actual performances by the students. Round the year we see that PEC conducts the annual examination of 5th class in the month of February.

Result – Result system is also a secure system by PEC. Every year we see that PEC announces the result of 5th class with full of clarity and satisfaction. There is no single mistake comes to see and in case students face any trouble the staff try to recover this as early as possible. Punjab Examination Commission 5th Class Result 2019 is also going to be announced and all the students to be assured that they will get the result with complete satisfactions.