Essential Foods for Grow Power of Brain in Daily Life.


American nutrition and its effects specialist Dr. Jonny Bowden said: Time as well as affect mental skills and memory aging the use of fruits and vegetables have so far lack the mental capabilities that may be considered equivalent to a period of 19 years.

Brain is a main part of body, everyone try to everyday grow mentally capacity, we are telling you how to grow your mind and sharp.

A group of scientists has studied up to 5 years more than 27 thousand people in 40 countries healthy foods eater lacking in mental abilities occurred at an average of 24%. Brain experts suggest the following guidelines for memory and other skills.

The investigation revealed that mushrooms, eggs, carrot, fish, broccoli, tomatoes, tuna fish, peanuts and peas hold good impact on the human brain. The coconut oil is a ‘rocket fuel’ work for brain. The Cato GENCO foods are also fosters mental abilities.


Spinach is rich in alpha lipoic acid freak. Alpha lipoic acid freak revealed that these mice experiments on mice memory and mental capacity to formulate better effects on both.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B-12 deficiency as depression, causing loss of memory and mental state of confusion is. The decline in the elderly is set to more serious effects. Old people were vaccinated vitamin B12 compile this amazing effects. Swiss cheese, cereals, almonds and coconut milk, mackerel fish plenty of Vitamin B12 is found in fish and other foods.

Rich foods Colin

Colin is often written on the supplement bottles GPC is chemical short name of “Glassro Phaspho Colin”. Carefully use, performance, increases the power of concentration. Colin milk, soybeans, is found tied cabbage, spinach, beans and grapefruit.