Everyday everyone computer is attacked by 5 to 10 virus.


ISLAMABAD : Whenever we see the history computers were never been totally unprotected, while recent 10 years they are become enormous unprotected, there are a lot of kind viruses are exists but everybody is not at all known about all of them and do not protect their data which is later being cause of immense harm, last month the attack in contract with data of the Sony’s company was proved one of the larger attack out of sight the hacking, Lacs of users data was been stolen, and then there between the America and North korea an intensive battle was commenced.

About the computers’ security a recent publish report had disturbed the users of the world. According to the report approximately 5 to 10 virus attacks are done in daily routine, the organization which is being worked for the computer security is faced more than 4 Lacs new Malware virus.

consequently to the narration most of the attacks were been in contract with American and European computers.