Examples of Procrastination in School


Education faces multiple complications. These are problems with funding, a lack of specialists, out-of-date curriculum, learning methods, technology, etc. Besides, students induce problems for themselves. One of such is procrastination in school.

Teenagers seem to do anything one may think about except for learning. However, their assignments won’t simply wither away. Some smart folks contact professional writing services for assistance like CheapWritingHelp to get cheap essay papers written by experts to receive high grades. Notwithstanding, it cannot last forever and students will have to solve this problem sooner or later. Of course, it’s better to realize and solve this crucial impediment as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, we make mistakes because we don’t actually realize we make them. Therefore, this article provides plain examples of procrastination in schools.

Students Don’t Care

One of the worst examples of procrastination is an absolute lack of motivation. Schoolers don’t want to learn at all and they don’t even care how bad their academic score is. This tendency must be prevented by parents, teachers, and schoolers. It’s necessary to find solutions, which can rekindle a desire to learn.

Fear of Criticism

Many schoolers are afraid of being criticized. They are vulnerable to what others may say and so, they delay until the last moment. Many of them consciously delay because they know that the teacher won’t announce the results before the class. It helps to avoid stress depriving of many important grades because the violation of deadlines is penalized.

Continuous Distractions

Students are commonly distracted by some activities, things, or other people. Many youngsters are fond of playing video games, which takes almost all their time. As a result, they lack the time to accomplish their homework assignments. Writing papers at the last minute commonly leads to a disaster.

Another typical distraction is socializing via the Internet. Most teenagers seem to be obsessed with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They have no other interests and frequently forget about their academic tasks. We can continue the list of distractions. However, you’ve already got the main point.

Family Issues

Sometimes students aren’t quite guilty that they delay the completion of their assignments. Some of them may have problems inside their families. Such a problem negatively affects the mental state of anyone and so, students cannot properly concentrate on what they should do.

Lack of Understanding

Another reason for procrastination is the lack of knowledge. This is a very obvious reason, which may become the toughest challenge. For example, schoolers have a bad command of exact sciences – mathematics, algebra, geometry, physics, and others. It’s difficult to catch up with the curriculum when you have no idea about how to make all those calculations and equations. Poor schoolers don’t even know what to begin with and so, violate the date of submission.

Poor Skills

We cannot omit different skills students are supposed to possess because some of them are actually weak. It’s worth mentioning that there are different skills and each may be a reason to procrastinate. The most obvious one is poor time management. Students simply don’t understand how to schedule their learning process reasonably and effectively.

Another important skill is writing. If your writing skills are poor, you will definitely delay. The speed of writing will be slow, there will be multiple mistakes, unreadable texts, etc. It takes a lot of time to fix what’s wrong and write great papers.

Other crucial learning skills are reading, problem-solving, and critical thinking. If they aren’t properly developed, you’ll likewise procrastinate. Accordingly, students should undertake efficient measures to improve and sustain all these skills.

Ways to Overcome the Problem

It’s important for teachers and students to undertake efficient measures to handle the issue. What can teachers do? Have a look at the following points:

  • Constantly encourage schoolers;
  • Find an individual approach;
  • Reward and praise;
  • Make your lessons more interactive;
  • Use technology.

A lot depends on the students. No matter how hard a teacher tries, you should react adequately and motivate yourself too. Here are some prompts for students:

  • Set clear goals and reach them;
  • Reward yourself;
  • Schedule your time reasonably;
  • Make days off;
  • Use learning apps to optimize your work.

There is one more piece of advice. If you feel you cannot submit some assignments on time, use professional help. There are multiple trustworthy companies, which help students to beat even the shortest deadlines. Skilled writers have in-depth knowledge and possess advanced writing skills. They know what writing technique to apply to meet the deadline. However, you should use professional writing help when there is no other solution.

Memorize the examples of procrastination. If you understand the potential problems, you have great chances to avoid them. Besides, you can always use our smart prompts to inspire yourself and accomplish your academic assignments before time runs out.