Experience of growing meat in a laboratory


SAN FRANCISCO: The Company of San Francisco has done a 100% successful experience of growing animal meat and announced that lack of animals can be removed by it. According to the Company, meat is a desirable diet of people but want to be away from traditional meat products.

In which germs and diseases include. But labs meat does not have any hazardous ingredients. Making clean meat will be extremely possible. So instead of the meat from the animals, it will be straightly grown in the laborites. It is the growth of animal cells and meat collects.

According to the Company, Experience of growing meat can be seen as the preparation of meat. Resultantly, meat will be grown in labs. Similarly, cars and equipments are made. According to the Company, a time will arrive soon when people will leave nourishing and slaughtering animals. The company had few experience of the growth of beef and chicken meat by which a meatball was made and it was cooked then eaten to an expert chef.

It taste was as like as original meat and its smell was also like meat. According to meat, the environment in the process of reducing the amount of greenhouse gases 90% and they had fewer calories. According to the Company, for which especial animal cells were taken, they have grown in the lab and give nutrients.