Experts discovered volcanic ice


Chinese scientists astonished the world while discovered firework ice.

According to the Foreign News agency AP, volcanic ice has been discovered from the sea level of South China. The statement issued by China’s Ministry of Earth and Resources states that this discovery of mining experts is likely to have a huge breakthrough in the energy sector.


According to reports, it is in the shape of ice cube, but if it is seen near the microscope at the nearest level, you will see the mixture of methane gas.

Despite low temperatures, these hydrators easily catch fire because the fire is brought near Methane Gas near the ice.


So it starts burning soon. According to the announcement issued by the Ministry, research of the last 20 years of research and volcanic snow was not lost in the mining sector and we have succeeded in it.

It is said in the report that the area from which the snow has been discovered is called the area of “Shen Ho” 300 km from Hong Kong.