Face Book promptly provide 3D facility.


CALIFORNIA: Facebook is being worked on its platform for providing a video facility to users, in which you can like a 3D game will be able to roam, and it is given name of “Spherical Videos”, consequent to Facebook on its website 1.3 billion people are present, It was narrated by CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in conference, which was being held in California that this video will be at least filmed by 24 cameras and you can look this video by different angles, in Facebook news feed 360 degree videos were comprehended, means you can watch this video from all angel.

It was further narrated by Mark Zuckerberg Virtual reality and augmented reality are the feature of internet, in which viewers can watch truly look like this, they will feel their presence in it, there is a model of dinosaur or a battle field, according to Mark Zuckerberg there is no need to were helmet for the Facebook videos, because it can viewed on general screens and mobiles too, according to Facebook. It has 1.3 people billion and they daily watch 3 billion videos daily, in like manner it will be possible to watch these videos by headsets. It is cleared that headset is worn on face, by which it is realized that they are presence in that environment.