Facebook Messenger Introduced a Joy full, Interested, Logical and Creative a Camera


Facebook Messenger introduced a new update using the new camera which was made extremely easy and precise interest of youth.

Facebook Messenger app for Android applications released update camera button is constantly visible on the screen in which Take photos is extremely easy and fast.

Long press this button is to start to record video that still images and videos has become extremely easy to draw. That’s not been very easy and enjoyable to edit it after the picture or video.

Messenger team has also added a lot of new filters in addition to 3D effect which can be viewed on many Snap chat. Through messengers now look antelope or very interesting and easy to be around to show snowfall.

We have also added thousands of stickers, frames, masks and effects to choose from too and you can personalize exactly how you use it and we can create cartoon face , funny ear, funny nose, and funny hear and you can lots of joy with this .