Facebook ‘Station F’ Names from the World’s Biggest Startup has Launched Campus


Facebook has submitted a plan to the world’s biggest garage startup in France which is called “Station F” and it will open officially in April this year.

We know that the world famous companies and start-ups began in garages and tradition have made it a memorable location 3 times while keeping intact Paris The management of the French billionaire Xavier Neil said according to his Facebook was the first company which has expressed interest in the program. Station construction will bear all costs of the Nile and before they are working on technologies that have established dozens of companies..

The garage will open officially in April in which Facebook 80 desk provides and the help for establishment of 10 to 15 companies per month. Station has already put the Facebook logo.

On this occasion, the Facebook C O O Sheryl Sandberg also spoke and he said, the Ecole 42 and Sciences P O named and the first policy lab will enable Facebook. However, out of the station F will present their ideas to a program in which 30 students each week to the world’s problems.