Factors everybody needs to know about Local SEO


Whatever your business is, what services or products you sell, you want to be seen by potential customers while their searching for what they need online, particularly, in a search engine. Business Localization Online – Local Seo.

In this article, I will discuss the most important factors that affect the ranking of business found on “Google Maps” – a prominent indicator of local SEO on “Google”. By learning more about this type of SEO for small businesses, you can establish your presence in many niches.

Factors that influence the rankings of business on “Google Maps”

Local SEO or business ranking results on “Google” are based on 3 main criteria which are: prominence, relevance and distance. The search engine automatically determines which business is the closest to the query entered by the user in the search bar. 

Even if a business is the closest geographically to the users location, that does not necessarily mean it will be shown at the top. “Google” combines all of these factors to identify what’s best.

I will describe each of these ranking factors more in-depth, below.


This is a factor is just a fancier word for identifying how well a business is known to the general public. The system combines business ratings on “Google” (the star rating of 1 to 5) as well as how much information about an object can be found on the internet.

Let’s say a historical place like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, may not necessarily have a huge presence on the internet because it does not have to and is very well known to people. “Google” tries to determine prominence by looking at what information is available on the net in general. Articles, catalogues, etc. all contribute to prominence.


Distance is also important when trying to rank good in Local SEO. Naturally, it looks at how close a searcher is to a business. If one does not specify where he or she is, “Google” then uses an approximation from GPS data as well as the location information from the business.


Relevancy is arguably the most important of the three, though I would not discredit the previous factors. This factor tries to look for keywords in the user query and tries to determine what the user is exactly looking. After all, “Google” stated a number of times that their goal is to make the search engine as smart as possible. 

Let’s you’re looking for a “Mexican Food Restaurant”. The more information and in-depth descriptions your local mexican food restaurants include in their business profiles on “Google”, the higher the chances are that they will pop up at the top of your query.

Summing it up

Total purpose of this article was to introduce what action is determined by the business rankings on “Google Maps”. For a better Local SEO ranking, keep up to date with what your potential customers are looking for.