FAQs About Railroad DVDs and Blu-ray Copies for Train Enthusiasts


America’s love affair with trains started way back even before pioneer communities were built. In fact, in the early days, the track was one of the main ingredients for a town to bloom. The small hamlets grew into towns, and finally, cities. Still, you will find train tracks like a remnant from the bygone era of the locomotive.

The total rail network of the US covers 140,000 miles of tracks and more than 100,000 bridges,data said. While people may think of the carts as mostly carrying cargo, about 85,000 passengers ride the train every day.

Dead are the days when you have to watch grainy, black and white videos about the coal-fed train. Nowadays, you can enjoy high-definition videos and audio by ordering railroad DVDs or Blu-ray copies online.

However, those who have not tried purchasing online might have some concerns in mind. Here, we try to answer some of those nagging questions.

Are the DVDs or Blu-ray pirated or bootleg copies?

Piracy is illegal in the United States and just about any other country in the world. The DVD or Blu-ray copy about trains are all original. They work with independent producers who have the license to “burn” digital videos into multiple copies. This is important to make sure the creator gets something out of the deal. With that said, make sure to only deal with a legitimate supplier to make sure you do not receive a bootleg copy.

What type of railroad DVDs can I buy?

The DVDs cover not just the train networks in the United States, but also elsewhere in the world. For instance, one of the most interesting rail systems is in Calcutta. For instance, the Kolkata (Calcutta) train network is serving more than 1.7 million passengers alone. The sheer logistics to make sure the operations go smoothly is a nightmare. But you will also visit South Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and other destinations right in the comfort of your home.

Do they have a printed catalogue?

No. The sheer number of products makes it very difficult to print and ship. For instance, some websites have more than 1,500 unique items. It would be very expensive if the supplier will pass on the delivery costs to the customer.

Why are a few products more expensive than others?

There are multiple aspects that go into the pricing of the railroad DVDs or Blu-ray copies. Naturally, a copy that is very popular among train enthusiasts would fetch a higher price. Also, it depends on the independent producer. Production and distribution of railroad DVD is a niche market. While the creators of these videos want to share their passion, producing a video is not easy. Another factor is the difficulty in sourcing out the footage. That is one of the reasons why a video of the history and development of the Calcutta trains is more expensive compared to the DVD about the New Mexico-Arizona track. Some DVDs are also longer than others, which also affect the final product cost.

Knowing that Railroad DVDs will only attract a niche market, customers have to spend some money. More importantly, they are willing to spend in pursuit of their passions. The best thing is that distributor websites are making it easy for you to order and pay online. After confirming the payment, you will only have to wait for your shipment to arrive.

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