Fashion and Style of a Skater


Whether you like the brand because of the magazine or because you have seen your favorite fashion and pop stars wear it, you know that Thrasher apparel embodies everything cool right now.

However, there is one thing you need to know: Thrasher isn’t just a trend. It is a way of life. According to the Vogue fashion magazine, Thrasher apparel is currently seen as the gear of choice for pop stars and top models while on their days off, they were popular long before Justin Bieber started wearing them, and they will always remain popular even if the fashion world stops to care about it. Also, check out Konveksi Malang

This is what we call a timeless brand!

Known as a clothing brand belonging exclusively to the world of skateboarding, Thrasher gear is worn by many fashion icons around the world. We do not know where this craze comes from, but regardless of whether you like fashion or skateboarding, the thrasher clothing collections are now worn in many social circles.

Thrasher Magazine is a famous skateboard magazine founded by Fausto Vitello in 1981. Since the beginnings, this magazine is seen as the skateboarding Bible in America and around the world. To this day, the golden skateboard publication from San Francisco, CA, continues to highlight what is fresh and what is not.

The magazine publishes articles dedicated to the true reality of skateboarding and is respected throughout the world as a media form faithful to its roots: skateboarding. With a Skate or Die mentality, Thrasher is as real as it gets.

You’re right to love the thrasher clothing brand. In one way or another, it is normal to love what is cool.

Skater fashion is trendy, but a lot of the items are not ideal for most real skaters. While skaters care about their style, they are most concerned with practical clothing, which is more efficient for skateboarding. The most authentic skater fashion incorporates both practicality and style.

  •   Choose pants that are not restrictive! Most skater styles emphasize very loose-fitting pants or very tight pants. Both of these options look great, but they can hinder you when you are trying to pull off a trick. Go for pants that are somewhere in between.
  •   Wear flexible, flat-soled shoes with a good grip.As a skater, you need lots of grip on your shoes to keep you on the board while performing tricks. Shoes also need to offer flexibility, and flat-soles are a must. Wearing shoes without these key elements won’t look authentic.
  •   Wear low maintenance graphic t-shirts of all kinds.Thrasher t-shirts are by far the most popular and comfortable shirts worn by skateboarders, and they wear them in every imaginable fit. They have always been iconic and still enjoy immense popularity today. However, if you are not a good skateboarder and cannot do fairly decent tricks, you’ll get called a poser.

Keep it simple. 

The real skater is most concerned with clothing that will not get in the way of doing tricks and their performance. Do not overly concern yourself with trying to impress others. Go for a casual look that does not give the impression of trying too hard.