Fast and Furious 7 asserted to win Oscar Award.


Full of adventure and thrill Hollywood movie Fast and Furious how intensively shocked and strips up in contract with the Box Office, it is remained to have look, however stars of films and Producers Win Diesel have set up the enormous target.

It was told in an interview by him, which was being given to a magazine by him that his film will be emancipated hence 3rd April, 2015, he is hoped that it will truly huge hit, and also will win the best award “Oscar”.

It is expected that this movie by initializing with 115 million dollars at Box Office will be proven the biggest movie of April, this movies an important character Paul Walker has been died in an accident and Vin Diesel by the movie tribute heartily to his friend. It was further voiced by Win Diesel that he has full hope that fans will be like movie a lot and declared the best movie of the year too, it might be possible that win Oscar Award.

For giving success to fast and furious 7 one thing is this that fans our eagerly waiting to say good bye to their favourite Star Paul Walker, because it will be his last film hence Silver screen, it is being expected that this film will be the most successful film of the series, at least it’s central characters and producers comprehending Win Diesel want to tribute their companion.