Fawad Khan rejected Salman Khan’s brother offers of the film.


MUMBAI: Pakistani flags pitch success in Indian film industry by Fawad Khan and refused to work in the film of Sohail Khan. According to Media brother of Salman Khan Sohail Khan who is Director offered a central role of Fawad Khan however he refused to work in his movie. According to Media reports Fawad Khan refused to work in film due to film script and role in film.

The script of his other films will also meet with producers to discuss. It is cleared that Pakistani Charming Hero Fawad Khan is busy in his new film shooting “Kapoor and Sons” while he was refused to picturize kissing scenes with Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt for which film script was changed.

Fawad Khan Khan is undoubtedly very bold and brave. It is remembered that Karan Johar was changed script of film because of Fawad Khan’s attitude because he refused to kiss Miss Alia. It was said by him that his religion is not allowed to do such acts.