Fill wounds just in 15 minutes through laser


UNITED KINGDOM: After deep wounds, many people have a fear of getting painful stitches. But now a laser device has developed which fill wounds just in 15 minutes. Even now filling of skin wounds and internal veins is possible through a laser device. You have seen such devices in ‘Star Trek’ films many times. In which disease move away immediately and wounds fill. But such like a device has become a reality. This device helps to fill wounds speedily because, through a slim laser, the crack skin will fill effectively. Resultantly, the wound can heal quickly.

The Harvard and St. Andrew Universities Experts developed the ‘Polymer’ which automatically expires after going to heal the wound in the body and laser technology used for it. Prior to it, so many such like experiments had done. But this laser device developed by the scientists of both universities goes into the depth of wounds. Rose Bengal Dye used for it that sticks to the skin at the time when laser light puts on it. In addition, it exactly and naturally protects from infections and germs. Experimentally, it tested on a 10 mm wound of a dead animal and wound filled in just 15 minutes. You do not need stitches after it. This laser also may join the cut vein in the depth of wound. Through which, blood flow may stop.