Find Out Top 5 Most Spectacular Goals Of All Time


Goals are an indispensable part of every football match. They not only decide the result of the game but also bring different feelings to fans. As a football enthusiast, you certainly feel excited when watching stunning goals. 

Throughout football matches and competitions, there are countless goals scored in various forms by different players. But not all of them can give the audience memorable emotions.

Of thousands of goals, it is quite challenging to find out the most prominent ones. In the article today, we will help you explore the top-ranking goals of all time. 

Roberto Baggio (Italy), 1990

Roberto Baggio. Source: Bong da truc tuyen

When the 1990 World Cup was held in Italia, almost all home fans had high hopes of Roberto Baggio. As a way to satisfy these expectations, this superstar put in a wonderful performance in this tournament.

The most eye-catching goal of Baggio came in the match against Czechoslovakia. 

Getting the ball from the midfield, Baggio had excellent cooperation with Giuseppe Giannini before having passed all Czech defenders to lead the ball into the penalty area. After having made a brilliant tactic, he continued to defeat the goalkeeper. 

As a result, a spectacular goal came from his genius feet in the 78th minute. It was the second goal from the Italian team, as well as the last goal of the match. Finally, Italy won by two goals to one.  

Only with one goal did Baggio become a big name in world football at that time. Till now, football lovers from all over the world have been full of praise for this goal.  

Lionel Messi (Barcelona), 2007

At the moment of scoring this goal, Messi was already well-known as a potential young player of Barcelona. 

As a left-footed Argentinian player with small stature, many people compared him with Maradona, who is considered the legend of Argentina in particular and world football in general.

In the same way, the goal scored Messi in the match between Barcelona and Getafe in 2007 was also compared to the legendary goal from Maradona in 1986. 

His astonishing running speed, together with excellent balance, produced a superb shot. 

Now Messi is called the King of runs and dribbles and becomes one of the best players in modern football.

Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid), 2002

This goal was made in the 2002 Champions League final between Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen. 

Santiago Solari passed the ball to Roberto Carlos, who played as a left-back, but this Brazilian player could not give an excellent pass to Zidane. 

Anyway, the qualities of a genius were displayed at that moment.

In an unfavorable position, the French midfielder looked up at the ball before turning his body and hitting a right-foot volley into the top corner of Bayer Leverkusen’s goal. 

At that moment, Hampden Park was filled with maximum excitement while all the fans of Real Madrid  went crazy. 

This goal brought the final score of 2-1, helping Real Madrid win the champion league that year. It is also deserved to be the best goal in the history of this tournament.

Carlos Alberto (Brazil), 1970

The Brazillian team in 1970 is considered the best of all time with lots of famous players such as Pele, Rivelino, Jairzinho, and Carlos Alberto. As a result, they made the final of that year pass into history. 

In the World Cup final, Brazil met Italy and won 4-1. One of those four goals from Brazil went down in the history of world football.

With skillful dribbling techniques, Clodoaldo moved the ball from the field of Brazil and passed four players of the opponent team. 

After two passes, the ball reached Pele’s foot before the King of Football gave a through to Carlos Alberto, who quickly had an outside foot shot. At that moment, the Italian goalkeeper can do nothing but see the goal going into the net in hopelessness. 

The excellent coordination of Brazillian players creates an electric atmosphere all over the Azteca stadium. It can be regarded as the best coordination throughout all football seasons.

A few minutes before making this classic goal, Maradona also went down in history with the goal scored by his hand. This Argentinian player called it “The Hand of God”. 

If the “Hand of God” goal is often known in an infamous way, the second goal from Maradona made all Argentina supporters excited. They were surprised at his incredible passing skills and running speed.

At the home field, after getting the ball from his teammate, he led it through all the players in the way. He ran with the ball until it was very close to the goal. 

Facing with the England goalkeeper, this 1.65-meter footballer gently kicked the ball over him before making a historic goal.

Thanks to this goal from the golden boy, Argentina held the world championship for the second time.

For the final word,

In any tournaments, goals always leave football lovers with tremendous impressions. The moment when the ball goes into the net can change the destiny of every team and player. 

Which goal do you like most on the list above? From our viewpoint, each of them has its beauty and value. Most fascinatingly, they contribute to making the history of football more colorful.

Thanks for spending time on our article. We hope that it will make you feel relaxed. If you have any contributions, please leave your comments below.